Self Grooming Hair Removal Brush for Cats with catnip


Get rid of and collect loose hair, so you won't be annoyed to clean the shedding hair anymore.

Eliminate tangle, knots, dander, and trapped dirt themselves.

Make your pet's coat soft and shiny without scratching your pet's skin.


Type: Cats

colour: Gray/Blue/Red/Green/Pink/Black/Orange

size: 9*13cm



1 pcs self groomer

1 bag catnip 

4 pcs screws

4 pcs double-side stickers

How to Teach Your Cats to Use it:

1 Hold this brush, let your cats look and smell it for a few minutes

2 Manually brush your pet's hair

3 Add some catnip to the inner catnip compartment

4 Install the self groomer on a wall or a corner