Multi-Function Pet Comb

Color: Green
Size: 23x6.9CM


The product includes five kinds of pet beauty tools, which can take care of your pet in all aspects and make your pet have a better appearance. High-quality pet comb brush! Farewell to pet care troubles, easily remove dead hair of cats and dogs, and eliminate tangles in 10 minutes. Let the furniture and floor no longer have scattered pet hair, while saving money and time visiting the pet beauty shop!

Durable hair removal tool! This dog and cat grooming brush is durable and easy to care for your pet's hair for a long time. Strong and easy to grasp handle ensures superior accuracy. This is a durable hair removal tool, pet owners must pet hair remover!

Keep pet hair healthy and shining! It's easy to get rid of the hair. It's easy to comb your legs. It helps to reduce the risk of hair loss! Let your pet thank the professional service of dog and cat hair removal tools, and establish a stable intimate relationship with your four-legged baby!



Material: stainless steel / ABS / TPR / PP wool