Furniture Scratch Guards


For convenience, this sticker is relatively weak and easy to fall off, please use it with the nail

You love your cat, but the cat always scratches the sofa at home, which makes you feel troubled. This furniture scratch guard appears and solves all your problems. It is very convenient and practical. It is perfectly integrated with the sofa with transparent color. Easy to install and disassemble. Do not let your precious furniture continue to be destroyed by your cat! 



Cat furniture protectors are high quality, flexible and clear vinyl. The vinyl is thick enough to protect furniture from scratching and flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture. Stop cat claws shredding your couch.

Furniture scratch guards blend well with the furniture and provide near invisible protection, protecting your cat from clawing and scratching. Also, it will not damage the appearance of the couch.

Furniture scratch guards also work on leather sofas. Whether it is a couch, chair, or love seat, this product can protect them from cat scratching.

This transparent shield means you can easily cover more sections of your sofa.



Name: Furniture scratch guards

Material: Vinyl

Color: Transparent

Optional size: 

XS: 15*30cm (Thick:0.1MM)

S: 14*39cm(Thick:0.1MM)

M: 14*48cm(Thick:0.1MM)

L: 20*45cm(Thick:0.1MM)

XL: 30*40cm(Thick:0.1MM)

2XL: 30*45cm(Thick:0.1MM)

3XL: 15*100cm(Thick:0.2MM)

4XL: 30*100cm(Thick:0.2MM)


Package Information: 

Package size: 5.3 * 5.3 * 31cm

Package weight: 185g

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