Cat Scratching Mat

Item Type: Pet Toy

Toys Type: Scratching Mat

Material: Sisal

Color: Grey

Target Audience: Cats

Size:20 cm/7.87"*30 cm/11.81"




1. Material: the sisal is high-quality and non-toxic, and the mat is durable and resistant to scratch and is harmless for pets. 2. Convenient: it
can be used for all occasions, such as a couch, chair, desk Legs and so on because of the design of magic stickers. 3. Protective: it can
prevent your furniture from scratching by cats. 4. Good Friends: the mat can awake their natural hunting instinct, help cats ease the unhappy
moods and release the pressure to keep them healthy mentally and physically. 5. Easy to Use: you just fix it on everywhere you want through
the magic stickers, and it is very firm and not be loose easily.