CARU Free Range Chicken Bone Broth for Dogs & Cats. Pack of 6

Feed your pet a delicious chicken bone broth that looks, smells and tastes just like homemade. Made in the U.S and prepared exclusively for dogs and cats without onions, garlic, added salt or MSG. Made with 100% high-quality human grade ingredients in a human food plant the free range chicken bones are antibiotic free with no added hormones. Vegetables are organic. It is grain, gluten & GMO free and made using filtered water. A superior bone broth that contains 90% protein on a dry matter basis, nearly twice the protein of bone broths made for humans. Use to add nutrition to food, to rehydrate freeze-dried and dehydrated pet foods or to moisten dry kibble. Serve as a tasty between meals treat. Ideal for picky eaters and to encourage cats with urinary issues to drink more liquid.