3 in 1 USB Rechargeable LED Laser

Color: Silver

Product Details

Color: 1-Silver

/86 in Cat Mice & Animals Toys

7 in 1 design red patterns can provide endless fun for your pet cat or dog;1 flashlight for home emergency lighting;1 UV light for spot counterfeit, inspect pets fluids.


No need charging cable. This cat chaser toy is widely compatible with a USB interface charging device. Such as a power bank, USB car charger, laptop or USB charger.


Slide button for change modes, no need to hold the button all the time. Gears for change different red patterns-mouse, star, smiley face, butterfly and red dot.

Color: 1-Silver

Package Include:

1 x Multifunction Rechargeable Red Light 1 x Lanyard 1 x Warranty Card


Why Choose Rechargeable Cat Red Light Toy

1. Cats are very interested in moving items and this red light will catch their attention.

2. Some cats are lonely, bored and lack exercise. This red light toy will enhance your interaction with your cat and improve your relationship with them.

3. With these interactive light cat toys, you can just sit and easily interact with your cat.

4. Small Size: easy to carry, Indoor and outdoor use.

5. USB Charge: Energy saving, easy to use.



3 Modes: Red light, white flashlight, UV light LED

Life: 50,000 hours

Battery type: USB charge Output Power: 5mw Passed the (IEC) 60825-1 CERTIFICATION, SAFE FOR PETS

About Charging: 1. Red light means charging 2. The green or blue light means fully charged.

Warning: This is a safe option instead of the potentially harmful lights, but please do not illuminate the human or your pets' eyes. Pay attention to whether the children are using the correct method, please remember to turn off the light switch after use so as not to lose electricity.